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Hugh Armstrong // Pipe Major


Hugh Armstrong spent countless years playing in multiple grade 1 bands; The 78th Fraser Highlanders, Alberta Caledonia, and the Los Angeles Scots. He brings a strong sense of leadership to the band day in and day out.

In his time away from pipe band, he has a car detailing business and an energetic young family. 

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Tim Boan // Drum Sergeant

Tim Boan is the former Drum Sergeant of the grade 1 Alberta Caledonia Pipe band in its "glory years". He brings an ensemble first mentality and provides strong leadership and direction from the back end. 

Tim is a Jr. High School principal, keeping order in the hallways and the drum line. 

Philip Yamkovy // Pipe Sergeant


Pipe Corps

  • Sam Arnold

  • Andrew Blair

  • Zach Boyce

  • Brennan Foley

  • Alan Ford

  • Ryan Greer

  • Andrew Hill

  • Colin Hill

  • Fritz Hoffman

  • Lorin Kirchner

  • Sandy Kirby

  • Tyler MacKay

  • Duncan McCorkell

  • Krystal Navid

  • Gord Perry

  • Jeff Pettigrew

  • Sylvia Thiessen

Drum Corps


  • Stephen Campbell

  • Adrien Guy

  • Michael Hansen

  • Patrick MacIntyre

  • Kyle McCormack

  • Cody Navid

  • Elizabeth Shaw

  • Jeremy White

  • Bryde Whelan

Official Photographer

  • Shannon MacKay

Tenor Corps

  • Emma Greer

  • Sinead Ho

  • Jill MacNeil

  • Caitlyn Skinner

  • Matt Waddle


  • Steve Foley

  • Alex MacIntyre

Drum Major

  • Matt Waddle

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