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Hugh Armstrong // Pipe Major


Hugh Armstrong spent countless years playing in multiple grade 1 bands; The 78th Fraser Highlanders, Alberta Caledonia, and the Los Angeles Scots. He brings a strong sense of leadership to the band day in and day out.

In his time away from pipe band, he has a car detailing business, an ice cream shop, and an energetic young family. 

Hugh North Berwick.jpg

Jeremy White // Drum Sergeant

Jeremy comes from Atlantic Canada where he has played in, led, and instructed bands (service and competitive) across the country. He annually travels to Brittany to compete and perform with Bagad Kemper.


Jeremy operates his own online/in person drumming studio called Jeremy White Percussion.

Philip Yamkovy // Pipe Sergeant

A founding member of North Stratton, Phil came through the Edmonton Boys Pipe Band system from 1999-2007 before joining the ranks of Alberta Caledonia from 2007-2013. After a short stint with the Los Angeles Scots, he returned back to Edmonton in 2015 to be a part of NSPB. 

No strangers to the Scottish community, Phil married a highland dancer with whom they now have two boistrous young children. 


Pipe Corps

  • Colin Armstrong

  • Sam Arnold

  • Andrew Blair

  • Zach Boyce

  • Brennan Foley

  • Brandon Gardner

  • Andrew Hill

  • Colin Hill

  • Grant Hill

  • Ian Kirby

  • Lorin Kirchner

  • Tyler MacKay

  • Duncan McCorkell

  • Gabrielle Mercier

  • Krystal Navid

  • Keith Paton

  • Gord Perry

  • Jeff Pettigrew

  • Collin Quarrie

  • Brandon Summers

  • Sylvia Thiessen

Drum Corps


  • Tim Boan

  • Stephen Campbell

  • Cam Dodson

  • Adrien Guy

  • Michael Hansen

  • Patrick MacIntyre

  • Kyle McCormack

  • Cody Navid

  • Bryde Whelan

  • Tyler Wood

Tenor Corps

  • Terrance Cadiente

  • Sinead Ho

  • Jill MacNeil

  • Caitlyn Skinner

  • Matt Waddle

  • Kenna Whelan


  • Steve Foley

  • Myles Rhinas

Drum Major

  • Matt Waddle

Drone Tuner/Old Man

  • Alec MacIntyre

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